Mythili Balasubramanian
(Rep. IDBI)

Mrs. Mythili Balasubramanian is an Executive Director, NPA Management Group & Recovery, Credit Monitoring Group, CDR Cell of IDBI Bank Limited. She started as a commercial Banker and has banking experience of over 36 years.  

After about 8 year stint in two commercial Banks she moved to IDBI Bank in 1987. In her 36 year tenure of IDBI, she was actively involved in developing the Lease Finance structure, Treasury functions, Resource raising through Institutional Bonds. She was in-charge of Corporate Business Development as Regional Head in Southern Region and headed the Sourcing and Syndication Department as also the Project Appraisal Department of the Bank. She also led the south zone as the Zonal Head for the Retail Banking group and also headed the NPA management vertical.

Mrs. Balasubramanian holds a Bachelor Degree in Science. She is also a Certified Associate of Indian Institute of Bankers and an Associate of Chartered Institute of Bankers, London.